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Thread: First deer - opinions please

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    First deer - opinions please

    Shot my first deer (Roebuck) on Wednesday and have since boiled it out and stuck it in peroxide. It's been drying for 2 days now and currently weighs 600grams. I am not too fussed about medals but would like your opinions on it as I will probably end up cutting the skull to put it on a shield. Should I keep it to see if it makes a medal or not? If it does make a medal, that's great and would be an added bonus. I am just wondering what you guys think.
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    I would suggest that it will make a medal. Leave it as it is and get it measured after 90 days. Then you can cut it as you wish. Well done on your first roe buck. FM.

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    Cheers mate, Is it a rule that it has to be measured after 90 days? I was thinking of getting it done at the CLA but that won't be long enough.

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    90 days is the cic rule. You can still get it measured, but it will not be put in the cic register. You will still get a medal and certificate though. FM.

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    that will be a medal, don't cut it. If uncut the measurer will subtract 90g from final weight if you cut it they can still measure it but you will probably remove well over 90g therefore reducing its overall score.

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    Thanks for your help guys. Cheers, Cameron.

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