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Thread: South Glos Deer poacher

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    South Glos Deer poacher

    Following Gurkas unfortunate incident in April when a Buck he was stalking was shot by another person there have been ongoing investigations. Thanks to another member a name has been provided and this has been linked to a Land Rover seen at the time.

    We now have a name, adddress and reigstration number. It appears the chap was out with a client and did not have permission on the ground.

    We have been in touch with Site admin re this issue and are considering the best way to address the problem

    Updates to follow.


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    I would be very interested to learn more, I have a great deal of ground in Gloucestershire and work very closely with both Glos and Wilts police, I also know of a few wrong uns' two of whom coincidentally have Land Rovers.

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    The matter should be reported to the Police. Nobody is safe with poachers around, and I don't want this bringing a bad name to legitimate and safe shooting, which is hard enough to come by without these criminals (yep thats what they are) making our lot worse.

    Incidentally Paul, I have a Land Rover too...!
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    i too shoot in the south gloucester and north wiltshire areas so any info would be most welcome...

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    Would be very interested in the details as we've had problems with poachers in the past and are only a few miles from Yate!

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    I had problems to, near Bath!

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    Reading between the lines I suspect it is the same guy that has a very bad name for taking clients out on other peoples land without permission,but,because he has a very big client base with large well promoted business he gets away with it every time.It is about time someone did get the police involved,because if they continue to get away with it somebody will end up getting shot,and heaven forbid get killed.

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    Any clues to as who this may be?

    Is it a double act? Have they got a website?

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    They should be named and shamed no matter who or what they are so they can be seen for what they realy are, theives & criminals!

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