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Thread: Great sight

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    Great sight

    I just watched a Buzzard nail a jackdaw in the paddock in frnt of my house.

    I can see him right now plucking it. He is being mobbed by 6 or 7 other jackdaws. He is pretty unconcerned by them, pulling lumps of flesh off.

    Trying to get a photo with my crappy little camera.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    Surely a great sight would be seeing a buzzard nail a jackdaw, which is in turn nailed by a Goshawk, which is in turn nailed by an Eagle Owl, which is in turn nailed by a Ford Mondeo ?

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    "Nailed" obviously means something different where you come from
    "It's halfway down the hill, directly below that tree next to a rock that looks like a bell-end"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Si View Post
    "Nailed" obviously means something different where you come from
    I know what he meant............Oh, I have a funny accent as well.
    I can speak in-depth and with great knowledge about most subjects until some bugger who actually knows what he is speaking about opens his gob .

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    Not much of a contest that one!!

    I was watching a sparrow hawk through my binos. as it was chasing down a blackbird last season, I then caught sight of a doe entering the wood; it must have walked right passed me, but I was too engrossed with my bird spotting!!.............

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