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    what's this

    whats this? i bought 200 of them from midway this year. they are 165 gr spbt bullets in 30 cal. They have fluting down the inside of the jacket. anyone know what they are?

    thanks guys


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    Look like my Hornady Soft Points, but no boat tail.

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    did they not come in a box

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    yes of course they came in a box. but it was a midway own brand for overruns. if i can find out whhat they are i can get them again.


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    I guess speer spitzer BTSP 2034 BC 0.477 (30 cal, 165gr)
    could also be a sierra .308 dia. 165 gr. SBT GameKing 2145

    measure the length of your bullet and compare with a speer and sierra

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    Look like nosler partitions, you could saw one in half to be sure.

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    i don't think they are speers because they look a bit nicely finished on the point, i don't think they are sierra gameking because of the internal fluting. i don't think they are partitions because the base is copper all the way accross....

    any more Ideas? I just don't know

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    another guess
    PRVI have a 165gr PSP boat tail (B362) and load it into a 308 (A362)
    although the finish on your pic does look too nice.

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