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Thread: Beware - imposter about

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    Beware - imposter about

    I just had a visit from Dave (Police FLO) as I'm renewing my black powder certificate. All went well & am expecting the certificate soon.

    He warned me that there is someone in the South West impersonating the police and visiting license holders at their homes asking to see their guns.
    This has happened on two occasions recently. On one of these he actually got to handle weapons!
    Just be wary and ensure just who you are talking to before you let them in!

    Stay safe


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    One can't help wondering how this person got hold of certificate holder's details?

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    Looking for valuables I imagine - H&H/Boss pairguns..

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    Quote Originally Posted by csl View Post
    One can't help wondering how this person got hold of certificate holder's details?

    My Cousins FAC was sent out ordinary letter post, and guess what? It never arrived. After a week or so they just sent out another by the same means! They claim not to have the funds to send them registered as we have to. Why the licence could not be sent to our local nick for us to collect in person defeats me. makes me wonder how many other licenses go astray and possibly into the wrong hands??

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    When i had variation put on mine I had two letters from them one with mine in and some other guys fac ! I phoned them and sent it back ......



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    I had my certificate go astray in the post after my last renewal! They just sent another out 2nd class mail

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    When i lived in the TV, they delivered by hand -

    S yorks on the other hand come by 2nd class post!


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    North Yorks delivered mine by hand when he came out to check the security.

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    2nd class post here, keeps costs down. We have to consider though that with all these cost cutting efforts there could be a serious problem some time with a certificate getting into the wrong hands. How much post do RM lose or misdeliver but that is a different moan...

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    How do the "scum" know who have guns?

    Just look at the vehicles heading out at ungodly hours wearing cammo and with a dog in the vehicle...

    Easiest way to rob a house is to turn up in a removal van during the day because you know adults are at work and kids at school. Have a neighbour "sign" paperwork if they get nosey and even ask for a cuppa. Take all the furniture first, carefully, and take your time. Should neighbours engage in conversation then join in. Ask for things and Smile.




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