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Thread: Moderators and barrel length

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    Moderators and barrel length

    Does a moderator alter the effective length of a barrel for ballistics purposes?

    What I mean is we know that barrel length can effect the velocity of a bullet. If I take a six inch moderator and add it to a 24 inch barrel does that give me a 30 inch barrel?



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    No, because the moderator is acting to reduce pressure in a controlled way, thereby reducing noise and blast.
    Probably more to it than that, but that is the jist of it. Some people do report slightly higher velocities from having the moderator in place, but not the equivalent of 6 inches more barrel length...

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    jabalihunter is right it will have no effect to velocity the bullet has left the muzzle and therefore has no influence from the rifleing or build up of pressure at this point the mod takes over and traps and redirects the gases that causes the bang the only effect it will have is to recoil noise and handleing

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    I thought that was the case, but had to ask.


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