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Thread: Roe stalking near Salcombe

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    Roe stalking near Salcombe

    Afternoon All,

    I am interested in the possibility of arranging a mornings Roe stalking near Salcombe, Devon between the 24th and 28th June this year.

    I will be down there with the breadknife and might be able to sneak a morning off for a spot of stalking. I have always loved the South Devon countryside and would love the opportunity to have a look at some Roe while I'm down there. Would make a nice change from the usual fishing trip.

    Not looking to spend a fortune or travel too far from Salcombe.

    Anyone know of anything?

    I have some stalking experience so am not a complete novice and could bring my own rifle with me.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Hi Mark,

    I was only in Salcombe 2 weeks ago staying overlooking north sands. I hope you have as nice weather as we did.

    Not sure i would be able to swing a stalk in couple time!



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    Thanks Rob. I like to push my luck as far as I can!!!

    I think we are staying in a flat at whitestrand, but we normally stay in the Tides Reach at South Sands. I really love the pubs and restaurants in Salcombe and the Mrs loves the shops!

    A morning stalking would make it all the sweeter though!

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    Going back down again in June. It would be nice if I could organise a mornings stalking. Can anyone help, please?

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