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Thread: Tikka 695 left handed in 6.5 x 55 swap for a 590 or 595 in 308

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    Tikka 695 left handed in 6.5 x 55 swap for a 590 or 595 in 308

    Hi I have a Tikka 695 in 6.5x55 it's left handed and screwcut and in very good condition and I'd like to swap it for a Tikka 590 or 595 in 308.

    Hopefully there is someone out there who wants to swing the other way!!

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    Borders gunroom at st boswells just outside jedburgh had a left handed 308 on the shelf....... at a good price too...around 400 quid i think. i was there last month and it was still on the shelf, Being a lefty myself i was tempted... but i have my well loved m695 in 270 and feel a 308 would be a waste of time.
    I would advertise your Tikka on here as there is a high 6.5 fan base and no doubt there would a lefty amongst them.

    For the record..... i have a spare stock for a Tikka m695 left handed...hardly used as i bought a mcmillan for mine after a few months of having it.... it might be of interest to someone?.


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    Thanks Steve i'll follow it up. I think the 6.5 is great actually, my main reason for wanting to swap is because of the very very off chance of a pig!?!?!? and also I just missed a 308 local to me. I hadn't thought of selling it separatley as I don't want to be without a rifle.


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    I know its not what you asked for but Roxtons in hungerford have a mint left handed tikka 270, think its a m65 deluxe or something. Can't remember price but it looked very nice.

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    I have two left handed Sauer 202s in .243 and .308 they fit beautifully palm swell and cheekpiece are spot on and the action is smooth as silk. Lovely wood too.

    One day I want to be as wonderful as my dogs think i am .....

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