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Thread: first morning stalk

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    first morning stalk

    well out of house at 3.15 am got to forestry for 4.15 keeper dropped me off at top gorgeous morning saw 2 fox cubs in less than 200 yds both well grown and good condition decided to try and use as many of forest rides as poss to cover as much ground as i could in total saw 5 deer and all does 1 doe had 2 young ones with her did not see a single buck at all got finished at 12ish for my first proper stalk realy did enjoy it and cant wait till next time

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    Nice work. I bet you did really enjoy it - has it whet your appetite for more?


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    yes totally hooked now cant wait to get out again

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    It's an un-godly time of day to be up out of bed, but once you're out it's glorious and nothing can compare seeing and hearing nature at it's freshest. Glad you are hooked!

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