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Thread: My New High Seat

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    My New High Seat

    I know this has been done many times before but a week or two ago tonyc wanted a high seat so we set to in his back garden 4hours later we were erecting it on site.
    I have since made two more they now fit on roof rack / six screws/two bolts fastend on site and we have a very stable single seater high seat. Spread of legs mean it will stand without guy ropes is about 8ft to seat level.for personal use I have not wired legs and steps which I suppose you need to do if you are putting customers in them.Tc says they are pretty comfortable.

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    you got ant pics and have you done anything to them to stop it being stolen

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    good thought webby suppose could be stolen for firewood or other stalkers.antis have been a problem in past but you can never stop them.Chain to nearest tree? or drive stake into ground ? Look in members gallery

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    they look cool very simple design good thing is you can knock up a few in no time and spread them over shoot think ill have to copy them lol as got a few places they will go


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    That looks just the business roedeerred, easy to make and not too costly.
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    Recon I could knock em out and sell them at about 140each need a cheap scorce for timber though it has doubled in price in last few weeks

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    Neat design. Wee suggestion. The rungs. To strengthen that which I see could be a weak spot as it ages think decking. See your timber supplier. Miss shapes and "shakes" can devalue. However it is a better quality wood. A standard 100x25 spits into two rungs much stronger than basic strapping, Jim

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    good suggestion keep em comming.

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    roedeerred it looks great. i shoot at a pyo farm and the ideal place for a high seat is smack in the middle of it as the land preety much falls away from this point. i need something that is free standing but portable as cant leave it there with the public picking fruit. think one would fit in landy just right

    regards pj

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    roedeerred, any plans that a dummy like me could follow?

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