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    two more

    went out last night about midnight after a fox we had spotted a couple of times ,had a walk around a couple of fields full of sheep to much movement from the sheep so decided to sit and wait , spotted the first one about 12.45 moving around the sheep making his way towards us ,it soon got closer and about 120 yds out whack down it went job done we thought just about to move when another was spotted coming across from the opposite direction so waited 20min for it to make its way around the field and 160yds out stopped for a crap and whack the end of his crap so a nice couple of hours out , we did spot another one on way back to car but it was heading away but we will try another night,
    sako 75 222 with 40gr vmax with nightvision thekeeper

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    Good job done. Another couple out of the way.
    What scope have you got on ?
    What kind of range can you id stuff at ?
    Sorry for all the questions but I am looking to buy an nv setup and am a little bit baffled, to put it mildly.



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    its a trident gen 3 from deben its a really good bit of kit got a couple of friends with different makes but agreed by all the trident is the better one have spotted fox's up to 300 yds in the right conditions i have shot foxs out to 180 yds with this

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    Thanks for that.
    Do you have to use a seperate IR source to shoot/ID them these ranges ?


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