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    Border Collies

    Having enjoyed the ability and intelligence of Border Collies working with my hawks, I now am getting a puppie to train as a deer tracker...they love work and focus on a job in hand and seem ideal for the this space Anton

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    Good luck with that. I was out with a stalker and his collie a good number of years ago walking through some forestry with a number clearings. As we came up a bump, the collie indicated something was ahead of us, and sure enough as we crested the bump, there was a doe in front of us.

    Regards JCS

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    anyone else expect the collie to point sheep?

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    I was expecting a bit of banter! JCS YEP NOT A BIT SURPRISED! My old collie was a star pointing and flushing game..for my red tail and Harris ,as I said in my initial thread the talent is all there just needs training and bringing out in the field..had an RTA involving a roebuck yearling this morning had it run on a tracker would have been invaluable in the cover either side of the it was the poor little chap had a spinal fracture and wasn,t going anywhere my .32 ceased his suffering Anton

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    Interesting - not a breed I would have associated with a strong scenting ability. At least not the ones I've met. Maybe that's a common misconception?

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    I have worked collies on sheep and since owned a few rescue collies, however I got my last rescue bitch nine months ago and she is spot on with scenting.She was locked up until I got her and she dislikes most people and dogs. She has already found [been to] 4 deer and 6 foxes and proving to be a good dog. I have some outings booked with John Robson coming up so let us see what he makes of her because he seems to be the man on deer stalking. [Lets hope she does not bite him!]
    if I can be of assistance do not hesitate to ask. Not sure what that PM means but I take it must be emailing me.

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    Collies have proved their worth as Search and Rescue Dogs as part of Mountain Rescue. They almost exclusively air scent, but there are huge similarities in the training. I'm trying to get my lab to indicate at the carcass and then indicate when she comes back to me. Only problem with a collie - keeping up with them!!

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    My collie as started barking on finding the deer, she tends to have a tug at them as well.
    I think collies are versatile and can be tought many things. Facemiester

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    Diffrent dog breeds.

    Hi I have just been reading about you using a collie for tracking so I thought I would add my 2 peneth worth . I have a jack russel cross border terrier and use her for tracking she also points a little as well . The stange thing is she also loves to work sheep Not to mention all the other things that terrier like to do ! Any one eles have one like this ?

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    just beware some collies are terrified of guns . I took mine for a walk and shot at a crow, scared it half to death. Now will not even go into the field . As soon as I start the bird scarer she dives into the house and will not leave until it stops going off at sunset.

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