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    I am looking to buy a proper chiller.

    12ft x 14ft mainly to be used for game birds.

    Does anyoe know where i can get either full outfits or the components to put one together (with enough capacity to keep it cold enough)

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    Fisher engineering ?

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    If you're looking at a DIY build, I've got a 1200 Cibin 900w saddle-type chiller unit sitting here doing nothing. It's single phase, in good working order and capable of cooling around 30 cubic metres. You just need a box made of refrigerator panels and a door - the chiller unit plugs into a 13amp socket. I got it as part of a job lot when I bought my Porkka cold room, so I'm open to offers around the 200 mark to cover my costs.


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    Hi Adamant. I'm very interested in that chiller unit. Any chance you could email me a pic or two? I will PM you my email address.

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