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Thread: Tillhill forestry licence cost??

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    Question Tillhill forestry licence cost??

    Hi does anyone know how much tillhill forestry look for per acre/hectare for their shooting licences???


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    usually as much as they can get!!!....expect at least 4 per acre.....

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    As much as they can get, a reasonable offer was trumped by a London syndicate bid of 5000 plus not to stalk but to justify .308 on their FAC, Tilhill do not expect them to visit the ground. That said it depends on the job needing done. Jim

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    Oh right , doesn't sound good then! I've had an email from leif brag with 2 tenders 1 is for 153.5 hectares and the other is for 41 both with roe.
    (don't know how many acres in a hectare) so how much would i be looking at??


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    A good bid would be 100 per roe in the cull or 3.50p per hec. the small bit to me would suit a local chap who maybe had some land round it. ( 90 ) acre is not reall worth a visit most of the chaps i know would have it clear in a good weekend.

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    Yep i was thinking that mate. The cull records are 41 over the last 10 years!!

    Don't think i'll bother


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    Depends if its shot around, can be an endless supply of deer if the boundaries aren't shot

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    Dick the area is fife you can bet your botom dollor its shot there are more shooter in fife per hec than any were else in britain

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    Yeah okay then maybe not so many deer...........I enjoy/struggle against the ever flowing tide of does from the national distrust on 3 boundaries. Seems to be the more does I shoot the more are here and the buck numbers are increasing too.

    Only one boundary is shot(by a syndicate so pretty much only bucks) and one sort of half heartedly shot, by someone once in a blue moon.

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    DB thats a one off situation you have mate so keep a hold of it. The bonus of this ground is you do not yet need LEV but for how long is any ones guess.

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