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Thread: Shop drinks chiller query

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    Shop drinks chiller query

    I was talking to a Coca-Cola rep the other day in a shop,he was doing a temp check on the fridge. He said that all these fridges are actually owned by Coca-cola so if you do see one for sale it's not all above board.
    Anyone know if this is true / have things changed ?.


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    It's correct, even if you sell your shop the chiller has to go back to Coca-Cola if you are not selling their product. Even if they are not working they should be recovered by them.

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    im not giving mine back, but i believe this to be true also

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    They are supplied by Coca-Cola but they never want them back when they are broken or when a shop shuts down, they never come to pick (their ) fridge up so I dont think they will ever come knocking on your door.
    It's all good advertising.
    The Coke fridges are a bit like Calor gas bottles You pay 40 deposit to get one but you try and get your 40 back when you don't need it any more.
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    I emptied a large site in London some years ago on London Wall. They had a large coke can dispenser on site and it was a monster of a machine some 1400w x 1200 x 1800h. After chasing Coca Cola for two months to collect, and opening the site for them to come and break-down to collect at least twice (with them then failing to show) we handed back the site to the landlord with the machine still there. They then chased us for another month or two to get access! eventrually they gave up as the LL scrapped it!

    They know where they are!!


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