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Thread: How about this for a pet

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    How about this for a pet

    Just wait till she brings her boyfriend home


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    Does she live in Plymouth? I think she may have taken me home one night. I was drunk okay! Come on, we've all done it!

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    I think I've met simular one or two down Union Strasser!
    but I dont think one every dragged me off, though I've woke up with a couple I nearly had to chew my arm off to make it back on time.


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    Yep! Dickie, I can just imagine you stumbling out of 'Boobs' with this beauty under your arm, down to the octogon kebab shop. Then boarding the nearest 'Jo-baxi' to transport you away for a night of unbridalled passion!
    "St Budeux please taxi driver".

    O' happy days!

    "Eeer don't get me pregnant, I've got work in the mornin!"

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