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Thread: new from aberdeenshire

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    new from aberdeenshire

    hi everyone
    been looking at this site for a while now looks the biz
    in to all aspects of shooting love my stalking have had about 20 roe to my name in the last year
    shooting a rem vssf 22-250 with a leup 8-25x50 and my new toy sako 75 s/s 25-06 with a nxs 5.5-22x56 its the mutts nutts
    load my own fodder its the only way forward
    look forward to your responses to my daft questions
    all the best bruxie (ian)

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    welcome aboard Ian.

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    Hi Ian & welcome.

    Based near Stonehaven? I'm in Aberdeenshire also, send a pm if you fancy a meet sometime.



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