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Thread: *buying once fired brass*

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    *buying once fired brass*

    Hi there, my knowledge of shooting is quite limited. I am a University student looking to buy once fired brass bullets which are no wider than 13mm in diameter. Need a picture of the primer beforehand, as it needs to look nice and shiny J. Thanks for taking the time for looking at my thread, any input would be much appreciated.

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    i pressume theyr not for reloading,what do you want them for if you dont mind me asking

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    nope, they're not for reloading. I'm goes to make an image with the different primers, similar to other artists who use stamps e.t.c

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    Why u need picture of primer I may have 100, 22-250 cases that have been fired so primer is dented

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    I need the primer to be in good condition as I'm going to be taking pictures (:

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    Primed cases are controlled you cannot possess them without a certificate, only option is to de-activate primers (cook them off or contaminate) and then load them into the brass.

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    Had a chat with Kevin the OP last night. His terminology is a bit off.

    What he actually wants, is the base of the cartridge to make into a kind of button. He is not worried about the primer, and in fact would like that to be pressed out. It is important that all the caps are the same size and maker, and in good clean condition. I suggested he gets someone with a lathe to part off the very end of the cartridge just under the rim, leaving him with just a thin button with the primer hole in the middle. These artists are a funny lot.


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    I collect old Euro notes, anyone have some to send me?

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