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Thread: Stalking Goats and carcass care

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    Stalking Goats and carcass care

    Guy, I was out stalking some mountain Goats yesterday with a couple of friends and we managed to bag a Goat. Now, I have never had to deal with a Goat carcass before, when hanging, do I leave it with the coat on or off?....I plan on also hanging for about 3-4 days.
    All pointers would be very much appreciated.
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    If it is a billy - whatever you do, do NOT get a shoulder mount made & then bring it into the house.

    A friend had one taxi'ed; it still stinks, three years later.

    After a week, it moved to the garage!



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    Ha ha, I do not think the other half would be too impressed with that idea....she is refusing to even go in the garage at the moment as that it where he is hanging.

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    My shooting buddy shots quite a few and they do not go into the food chain, not sure why. Probably small market, however I expect there would be a demand in the Walsall area.

    Probably best to treat as a sheep, wound not be keen to hang it for to long.


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    Curry goat. Lovely. Have eaten it myself - in Walsall as it happens!

    I seem to remember HF-W featured it in a programme a while back.
    KevinF -

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    Shot a lot on one of the western isles 400+ this was a cull job 45 years ago certainly no market for the meat at that time
    some of the islanders would eat the youngsters [tried it but not to my taste have eaten domestic goat but it was not the same maybe what they were feeding on] but could not even give the adults away, did find a market for the skins

    When job was finished had to burn clothes as no matter how often washed could not get rid of the smell.

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    I was in Scotland about ten years ago watching a load of goats with this stalker and he said never put one in your car as the only way to get rid of the smell is to tip a pint of milk in the footwell and once it go's off it well smell a lot better .

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