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Thread: another red stag

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    another red stag

    Another Red Stag fron New Zealand.
    A heavy trophy which could be yours for a small fortune

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    I think that this animal is bordering on the grotesque. Look at this cast set of antlers from the largest wild stag recorded in the UK. Which would you prefer to have on your wall?

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    To be honest on the wall of a castle or stately home both would look fine in such a grand location.
    I'm not really a trophy person they all look best when running about.
    I do have a trophy of a Sika stag that was part of a cull plan that until someone told me I should get measured was just part of the cull I was amazed when told it was a silver.
    This is just a picture of a stag I saw when out in New Zealand like the others I posted.

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    I'd love to have the chance to see such an animal in the flesh. NZ is high on my list, not just for the deer but also for the trout fishing.

    I once looked over the fence at Warnham at the quite magnificent animals on view there.

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    NZ is an awesome place and I was lucky to go because of work.
    I met some great people and had some wonderful times!
    Iam now saving to go again but next time for a holiday.

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    Thats a heck of a beast. You know what I'd really like to see? A picture of a Roe and a Red side by side, to get a real sense of scale - wonder if it exists?


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