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Thread: hannoverscher schweisshund

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    hannoverscher schweisshund

    After reading a certain shooting mag, i noticed an advert for Hanoverian bloodhound pups, these pups are not the first litter in the u.k. the first litter was bred in scotland and all of the 6 pups are worked daily by full time stalkers in scotland and have done for a number of years. These hounds are a specialist breed and not for the faint hearted and should be worked constantly on deer in order to get the full ability out of them. Next thing we know they will be crossed with any other dog breed which will make any deer dog enthusiasts blood boil. i have a funny feeling this maybe a touchy subject and will spark a long debate!

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    Steyr these dogs are blood dogs and to be worked daily you would need to be doing some amount of wounding . I was told by a chap in the BMH Society that any mut can work a warm line but for the real deal dogs like BMH /HAN,S THE LINE HAD TO BE VERY OLD AND COLD. So unless you have lots of old trails to find your beter getting any mut.

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    The subject of crossing specialist blood tracking dogs such as the BMH or Hanovarian has been done to death already but you are correct it did cause a fair bit of debate.

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    6pointer, good point there. when stalking with guests shooting high numbers of deer(300-500), mainly sika,roe and red daily, the worst scenario often happens. often when stalking in the evening the search is left until morning, also working in dense forestry with full rutting sika stags requires a hardy hound as these things run like mad no matter where you hit them!

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    These dogs are huge compared to a BHM, a guy i know came over with his from germany this year with his, could not believe the difference in size with my BMH. I think they would take a fair bit to handle. He used his to track wounded wild boar.

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    wallace you are correct, they dont like other dogs, children, small animals, strangers, or high pitched noises! the only thing what enters their heads is, which runner is next!

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    Sound like a usless lump of dog to me for 90% of deer stalkers they are not what is wanted that is not to say you could not get a good dog if you cross it with a nice calm Vizsla or a good temperd terrier.

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    All what is needed is to find the deer asap,deal with it if required which saves me time,the temperament side is not realy an issue for me as my hounds mostly only spend time with me , hope the pups go to good homes anyway I might just be tempted for a junior!

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    STEYR 243 All i wanted from my hound was a complete pet in the house and a good worker out side but for me they must! have a steady nature. Dual purpous just like my woman a deamon in the kitchen and a devil in the bedroom.


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