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Thread: Help needed

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    Help needed

    Right I have a dilema.....

    I have a steyr mannlicher in .243, I bought it when I wanted one gun for fox and deer. For two years I have had a Remington 700 in .223, thumbhole stock, 20" barrel, jewell trigger for foxing

    I love the Remmy and actually resent the mannlicher(its a nice gun but I'm spoilt with the jewell trigger). I am also getting a few opportunities to shoot fallow and maybe a couple of reds.

    So I am looking to change the rifle, I want lightweight though.

    The dilema is two fold.......Firstly what calibre? I don't reload so am looking between 6.5x55 and 308? Preferably flatter shooting and airing on the side of roe and fox by day, also less recoil.

    Secondly which rifle
    I was looking at Sako 75's(seeing the ad on here is rushing my decision)
    But I really like being able to tune the rifle myself by adding say jewell triggers and better stocks if I want. The rifle will be a tool so don't want super posh and also clients will be using it from time to time.

    How good are the sako's? Or should I go down the howa/remington route so there is more aftermarket options? Or is there another route?

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    I have a sako 85 308 win. Takes fallow and boar . Smashes foxes and drops Roe on the spot. Don't find the recoil much worse than my 243 ai custom. I had a 75 in 243 but sold to fund the ackley. If I be honest there is no need to do anywork to a sako maybe just a Macmillan swirly for the ultimate factory rifle. Tin hat going on for incoming from the blaser regiment..

    Atb Steve

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    Are the factory stocks not great then? do they change poi from differing shooting positons, bipod/sticks etc?

    have you felt a jewell trigger? how do they compare?

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    You can get a few aftermarket bits for the sako's..... and they are a solid reliable rifle. So you wouldn't go far wrong with one depending how many add ons you want to fit!. Stock options are from Mcmillan, triggers include CG, timney and i think jewell.... and bound to be others, Picatinny rails are available, you can get a big knob done if you want..etc.
    So go for it i say!


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    Have a jewel on my custom musket. The sakos have a solid adjustable trigger . Have mine down to a pound. Nothing wrong with the stock. Shot 1" with factory ammo now even tighter with homeloads. If I bought another rifle it would be sako.

    Atb Steve

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    Well so long as the fao agrees and he should i'll be getting it. I like the recoil off a 6.5 very rolling

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    Forgive my ignorance but is the swede boar legal ?

    Atb Steve

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    Good point to be honest, I know its capable but not sure on the law

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    I know its 270 minimum but not sure where the Sweden sits..

    Atb Steve

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    officially the swede isn't boar legal.... the 270 is the minimum reccommended calibre.

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