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Thread: Flexifoil 4.9m power kite

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    Flexifoil 4.9m power kite

    Blade II flexifoil 4.9m power kite (full set up) ready to fly ***£110 including p&p ***

    This kite 7 yrs old and has been very well looked after it is still crisp no rips or tears it is fully set up ready to fly, comes complete with lines ,kite killer straps , custom handles all complete in the original "Flexifoil rucksack" , this is not a kite for the faint hearted and is extremely powerful giving outstanding lift great maneuverability and buckets full of fun , it can be flown in winds as low as 4 mph .

    Selling as funding other projects I cant post pictures on here so if interested drop me a PM and I will forward pics via email

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    Please also let people know that this is not a toy. it comes with the nickname of the 'widow maker' it is not a foil for the beginner and should be flown with respect as you will get hurt of you dont know what your doing.

    sorry to be a party Popper but i have been in the industry for a long time and seen a lot of accidents with inexperience.

    you might want to advertise on kite crowed forum or even pop over to pendine/pembrey on a weekend and ask a few of the guys there.

    the MK11 4.9 blade is the best one every made, Andy Preston did a fantastic job designing this one.

    best of luck wit your sale matey.


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    thanks you are 100% this is one powerful kite ,not somethig you take to the beach to have fun with the kids.

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