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Thread: German Wire Hair Pointer V Cats

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    German Wire Hair Pointer V Cats

    For all you GWP owners out there.

    My GWP has recently taken a serious dislike to all things pussy.
    The neighbour has a couple of house cats which of late must have lost a few of their nine lifes.

    All of a sudden Heidi girl wants cat blood, up to now {she is 7 months} she has been very laid back when confronted by cats and didn't seem very interested at all.

    Is this a trait that the GWP as a breed is know for?

    Anyone else had similar issues...............?

    It has its plus sides mind you as none of my plants are being dug up now but I dont much fancy a neighbour at the door with a few scraps of cat fur left.


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    I rehomed a vizla recently but was originally looking at a GSP or GWP before being offered mine, but in what I read about the continental HPRs in general one of there main quarries they were bred for was feral cats

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    My Large Munsterlander is the same hates cats with avengance,he had our old neighbours cat off the top of the fence when he was younger grabbed it by the back and just plucked it off luckily for the cat my misses was there and managed an extraction of the cat and got her arms torn to pieces,didn't see it on our fence after that,we now have new neighbours with two cats and ones getting a bit daring and it is only a matter of time before he catches it out,now he's that bit older i don't fancy its chances to much if he does and no ones there to save it.

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    GWP's as a rule hate cats. Most owners will tell you of trips down the garden in the middle of the night to bury next door's pussy. So far mine has killed two cats fortunately both were feral cats. The fence around my back garden has had to be extended and is now over seven foot high so that my dog can't get to the neighbour's cats.

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    My old GSP sucked on a friends cat until its leg fell off, humane dispatch time for me followed by some inventive disposal, it was in norway and was -20c, ground frozen 1m down!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cadex100 View Post
    My GWP has recently taken a serious dislike to all things pussy.

    Is this a trait that the GWP as a breed is know for?
    Acquaintances have reported the same with their GWPs. Mind you I think any working hunting, (not gundog), breed will have the same traits maybe? My BMH is developing a healthy 'kill-on-sight' attitude to felines, so we no longer have kitty krap on the path and the neighbours cats are now very wary about coming near our property.

    It has its plus sides mind you as none of my plants are being dug up now but I dont much fancy a neighbour at the door with a few scraps of cat fur left.
    Isn't that what the Local Authority provide recycling/composting bins for?

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    My young GSP is the same. He will dispatch any cat he sees if he can catch it. And he is quick too.

    He decapitated my sons rabbit a few nights ago. Somehow that was my fault not the dogs........

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    same here cats are the only thing she will not stop on anything else foxes hares etc I can stop her cats no way. Thats despite living with one for a while, she absolutely turns herself inside out trying to get them, I've had her stuck in a neighbours garden having cleared his gate, then a fence mid way down his garden and then a banked area with the cat up a tree the far end and her barking at it. 8am on a sunday morning I was unamused having to go and ask if it was ok to retrieve her. Generally the neighbours like it as they all have the same problem with cats crapping in their gardens, Most people seem to worry they will get a claw in the eye etc but I'm not too sure I've yet to see a cat stand its ground and if anything she goes for a grip round the middle.
    I'm only 3 years into ownership of said monster but I'm fairly sure the spade will be used before too long

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    all four of my gsp's hate cat , and all the pups we bred that we still see hate cats...... i rather like the breed myself.

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    Yep, my GSP absolutely hates cats so luckily none appear in our garden anymore to crap in the flower beds, not that we have many flower beds left with the manic GSP & a laid back Lab wrecking the joint!

    Rosie did corner a cat a month ago in our garden, stupid thing was sat on our fence & we came back from a walk through the side gate & the daft animal jumped down into our garden, well mayhem ensued until I grabbed the dogs off to rescue the cat which was trying to claw the GSP's eyes out, I grabbed the bloody thing by a leg & chucked it over next doors fence!!

    She has a big thing about rabbits as well & will go on point for most anything else but rabbits are a big no no & its straight in job done on them.

    Life should be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving skidding in sideways, Merlot in one hand, Cigar in the other, body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming WOO HOO what a ride!

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