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Thread: Has any one used one of these

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    Has any one used one of these

    There is a chance of getting one of these from the states in Gen 3
    Now for the obvious questions, are they reliable, how far can you sensibly ID foxes/rabbits, and would the IR illuminator be enough light on a dark night or would iI need another lamp plus IR filter ?
    It would be on a sako 75, if that helps.


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    would be interested in hearing views on this as well.

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    I might be wrong on this but I didn't think you could export a gen 3 from the states, I'm sure I read it's a federal offence, if your thinking of putting 1 in your luggage.

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    Polester ,
    you are right on that, I checked up earlier after I had posted above.
    Looks like it's back to being screwed over on UK prices.


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    Nick if you are interested I have a friend who specialises in Nightvision and is very reasonable with his prices.
    Drop me a Pm if you like mate
    Anglo deer management and training
    Yet another 7mm 08 user ..................... if Carlsberg made calibers.........................

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