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Thread: RTA'S The Facts

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    RTA'S The Facts

    Took this picture of a fawn the other night while out stalking. The sad thing is the fawn and doe were only 30mtrs from a main road, this morning while coming back from another of peice of stalking ground i have, i was travelling along the same road only a short distance away from where i found the fawn the other night, i then came across the big doe just been hit with a car! Checked the udders and full of milk, opened her up as well.

    Bit of a bummer, been out this afternoon looking but can't find the young. Click image for larger version. 

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    Sad times
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    A very sad fact of our very busy roads

    pitty you could not find the fawn.


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    very sad fact of this island wonder if RTAs mowing grass etc kill nearly as many deer as are shot and put in the food chain.I know in this area loads of roe are killed and not reported.

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    very true, one strech of road by me has had 16 rta's this year alone, none have been reported, 7 of these animals have been puicked up soon afterwards.

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