The over worked undertaker decides to take the night off, and leaves the Funeral Parlour in the hands of his young apprentice. He tells the young lad; it should be a quiet night, but if any body is brought in, to go ahead and clean them and start preparing them for embalming.
Off home goes the boss. It turns out to be a terrible night - stormy, blizzard conditions, ice and snow, so the boss is nicely tucked up in bed, brandy keeping him warm.

Meanwhile, a corpse is brought in to the funeral parlour, so the young apprentice gets to work. The body is a beautiful young woman, and he strips her off to wash her. Then he notices something strange - sticking in her pussy there's a cork.
'That's odd' he thinks, so he pulls it out, and almost falls over with shock when he hears 'Oh Danny Boy, the pipes...'coming from it. He sticks the cork back in and it stops. So he pulls it out again, and off goes the singing again 'Oh Danny Boy...' so he tries it a few times - each time the same thing happens. 'This is amazing' he thinks - 'never seen anything like this'.

So he calls his boss excitedly, and says 'Boss, we got someone in and you just have to come and see this - its amazing, you have to see it with your own eyes - you won't believe it.'

The undertaker drags himself out of bed, gets dressed, extra overcoats, and makes his way back to the funeral parlour, through the snow and ice and raging blizzard, and by the time he gets there, he's in a pretty foul mood. 'All right ' he says, 'what was so important and couldn't wait?'

The apprentice takes him to the body, pulls out the cork, and sure enough, the strains of Danny Boy start to fill the room . . . .

The undertaker goes spare, crazy and shouts at the apprentice

'I can't believe it! You get me out of my nice warm bed, in the middle of the night, and drag me back to work on a night like this, through wind, ice, ice, snow and sleet, just to hear some c**t sing ''Danny Boy''