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Thread: The dutch muntjac hunter

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    The dutch muntjac hunter

    Last wednesday i took with my girl friend the ferry from Hoek van Holland to Harwich.
    Then we had an short drive to or hotel, and i called the friend of Moses.
    We made an appointment for the next morning. At 4 o clock stood an discovery for my hotel and we drove to the estate.
    I took the riffle and we stalkt for an half our as we saw the first munjac..... well he saw us first and we only saw his tale . Then we saw 200 meters further again an muntjac but as we went on to it the wind direction changed a bit an the muntie ran of loud barking (?? i dont know how jou call it in enlisch.) We stalked a bit and i heard the muntjac again, i followd it and saw it in the wood. I sneakt up and i could place a shot at 50 meters.
    And i had shot my first Muntjac!!!!! it was an dow. We stalk further but i had no more chances, But just the stalking was so fantastic, it is an very nice estate and Trevor is an very experienced stalker.
    In the evening we went again and my girlfriend also came along.
    The weather was very nice but the muntjac thought is was to warm and at first we didnt saw a lot of animals. Later we went to an sort of vally an we took a seat at the top and waited. At 21:15 came an muntjac out of the buches and my girlfriend could take an good look at it we tought..... I shot and the muntjac went down on the spot. As we went down the vally we saw it was an young muntjac buck approxamatly 8 or 9 months.
    The next day we saw in the morning an few munties but we didnt got one, we also saw some Fallow and row deer. Then in the evening we drove over the estate and we went to an place were an other guy saw the evening bevore 6 muntjacs while he was waiting for an fox. We were just 5 minutes at the spot as an muntjac buck came out of the bushes. He was at 150 meters and i thought that is was an bit far, with an strange riffle and i sneakt up an bit then at 120 meters i took the shot and my first muntjac buck was down!!! One thing i didnt know the the muntjac havent got their antlers at this time....
    Wel it is an good reason to come back next year an bit earlyer.
    That was the and of an very very very exciting and nice weekend.

    Thanx andrew for making the arangements!!!!

    The Happy hunter

    Who can help me with an good recipes for my muntjac??????
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    Glad to hear you had such a successful weekend. Would you consider bringing your own rifle next time?

    Next time, you should get a nice head to go home with, I imagine it would have been a little shock to find the buck in velvet...

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    Well done happyhunter, pleased you enjoyed your trip over here.

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    Excellent write up, glad you enjoyed your trip..

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