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Thread: 6.5 x 55 and 30.06

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    6.5 x 55 and 30.06

    Used a 30.06 a bit in the past out in Africa, but am interested in possibly getting a 6.5 x 55, so my question is, what bullet weight in a 6.5 x 55 pretty well matches the trajectory og 180g. 30.06. Like to try the 6.5 and I really like classic cartridges. You can call me old fashioned but I think a cartridge that has been around a long time may have quite a lot going for it.

    Thanks in advance,


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    You are really looking at 140gr here. IF you have a 24" barrel then you will find the 156/160 gr will be legal, here.

    Reloading may give you the increase you need over Factory if using a shorter barrel.


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    Why stop there? How about .303 (7.7mm)? Now that's been around a long time
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    Thanks, smullerey, I rather thought it would be about that but don't really know the round.

    Yes, Rick, but l I have always thought you should keep rimmed rounds for double rifles. I may be a traditionalist but I can be as unreasonable in my traditions as the next man. Actually the .303 took a lot of game in the "British" bits of Africa.

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    180 gr .30-06 I should think shoots exactly like a 180 gr .30-06. Oh hang on...

    On a serious note, would you consider a .308?

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    I actually think that many of the old, longer more tapered cartridges load more smoothly and shoot more smoothly. If I am not mistaken many of the newer cartridges like the 308 were that shape because they worked faster in the rather more severe situation of semi and fully automatic military firearms. A gas operated system really has a lot of force on the extractor. I am sure someone will tell me if I am talking rubbish.


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    Fair enough, only reason I suggested it is that .308 is cheaper to run and I know that usually appeals to your good self!

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    Oh yes, the Scottish bit of my ancestry knows how to clutch a bawbee until it squeaks!!!


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    These figures are only approximate and are worth what you paid for them

    .30-06 180gr gives roughly 2700fps. With a 200yd zero, that equates to +2" at 100yds and -8.6 at 300yds.

    As stated above, the closest in factory loads in the 6.5x55 would probably be 140gr:

    Norma's 6.5x55 140gr gives roughly 2690fps. With a 200yd zero, that equates to +2" at 100yds and -8.5 at 300yds.

    However, a lot of 140gr grain factory loads give only 2600fps, which equates to +2.5" at 100yds and -9.8 at 300yds.

    Close as makes no difference, but I would handload....
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    I've heard a lot of the US ammo manufacturers under load the case some so as not to blow some of the old military surplus Swedes which are knocking around the US in droves.

    So as JabaliHunter says, pays to buy Norma. Actually JH, do you know if RWS loads a relatively hot 6.5x55 when compared to US Ammo?

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