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Thread: Which boots? Try these...

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    Which boots? Try these...

    I always struggle to find decent boots.. about 18 months ago i went for a pair of le chameau nubuck type with a goretex liner, these cost me 120. These have lasted about a year, leaking and the stiffner in the sole has gone. they dont get hard use really and not used every day. Rubbish! Ive had a few different le chameau products now and am underwhelmed..

    Anyways, ive been in the market for a new pair with the requirement of good ankle support, comfortable and dry. I wanted a good leather pair which will last.

    A friend put me onto this company who are local to me, i had never heard of them before but have been impressed from walking through the door to using the boots.. Alt-berg. Im lucky enough to live near the factory shop, there i was measured up for a pair of boots, asked what i needed, a full selection of every boot in every size there. They can even build a boot for your custom foot. It was well worth the visit for a proper fitting. I took my shooting socks with me to ensure they were spot on.. By the looks of it all boots come with a vibram sole.

    I ended up getting a pair of 'gamekeeper' boots which were end of the line as they have changed the colour of the leather which meant i got 50 off! The boots cost me 150 which i think is worth it for a pair of boots which hopefully will stand the test of time. They threw in two tins of wax and spare laces too and a coffee while i was waiting. I couldnt fault them at all.

    If these do ever need repairing then they said that they can do that also. What a refreshing change!! worth a visit as its only 5 mins off the A1 at scotch corner..

    Altberg Bootmakers manufacture hiking boots & walking boots for hill walking also Military boots, Police boots and motorcycle boots for operational use worldwide

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    Hi and i think you will find when your boots need a service like mine have they do it free of charge they are the best boots and company around .got 2 pairs and very happy with them.


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    I've got a pair of high leg country veldthogs as I wanted a tradional styled boot. I've had mine 3 years and they are looking good for a looooong time yet. They are one of the few hunting boots I have got my mits on that feel as well constructed as a proper mountaineering boot. Top Kit

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    Good post
    I use Lowa Boots at the minute but it is always better to support a UK manufacturer where i can. A Yorkshire one too.


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    I only use AltBerg for work, would never buy from anywhere else and always worth the wait!!! fantastic after sales service too, if you go to the shop to get fitted and sized up, their never in a rush to get you in, out and take your money.

    110% reccomended from me too!

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    they look the dogs dont they had some meindel ,and some le rubbish ,meindel were the better boot by far but not warm enough will give these a try as they are british too ,just need shoot season to start for some tip money

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    Top Link

    I was wondering which make of boots to get next, I recon that these will be it.

    Many thanks


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    Ive just purchased a pair of high moor boots, cant recommend them yet as ive only worn them twice. The only down side was that they didnt have them in size 11 medium width and took 3 months to arrive, could have had a similar model without the toe rand there and then but decieded to wait.

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    These look really good. I have a pair of Meindl's that have done well over 1000 miles up and down the Scottish hills, and though they look a bit rough, they are supple and comfortable, and stiff and sturdy in the relevant areas. They keep the feet completely dry and I can wear them happily for a long day of walking, or even standing around, and my feet feel fine afterwards. I might be looking for a pair of boots in the near future, so will give these guys a try. Good find!

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