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    Had an American client over the other week for Trophy Pere David Stag, Manchurian Sika, plus in the wild Roe Buck and Muntjac. We were succesful on all 4 species taking a modest old Roe Buck off my area, and a very nice Bronze Medal Muntie in Northants off my friends lease.

    Thought some of you might enjoy the photo of the Pere David, in particular some of our less experienced stalkers and members who may not know what one looks like.


    Sikamalc. No its not me in the photo either

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    poor old boy i wathced him grow up (the deer i mean) can you post picture of the sika for us to see good luck


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    Matey looks well chuffed with himself. Some good photos for his album and he`ll go home with some great memories.

    Just one question though, isn`t the Pere David a rare breed?

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    Yes it is. But you are allowed to hunt them in fenced areas in the UK and many other parts of the world, including Texas In the UK Woburn Park is where a great many overseas clients go to take a good head.

    In China they are fully protected, although in the UK they are available on fenced areas and trophy males are taken by overseas clients. The species is not covered by Cities and you are allowed to import them into the USA.

    The last remaining stock of PD were saved from extinction by the Duke of Bedford many years ago, and from this stock the worlds population of PD owe their existence.

    I must admit it is not something I would pay to do, I prefer to hunt/stalk fair chase in the wild, but the client has done his fair share of very tough hunting, taking the slam of world wild sheep and ibex twice, and that is tough hunting believe me. If you want a PD the only way you will get one is behind wire, although this area is 300 acres and no enclosures you have to walk and stalk, and NO they are not tame.

    In about 2 weeks I am on my lease in the highlands for Japs with clients, that is what I enjoy most, fair chase and hard stalking in a wilderness area.

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    Thanks for the write up Sikamalc. Good explanation.
    I expect there were one or two other less experienced pondering the same question.

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    Well done Malcolm
    He sure looks a happy chappy mate Another satisfied customer as they say
    Are you sure thats not you in that picture
    O No its not but i will just put this pic up so everyone knows what you look like mate

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    Pere David what an ugly brute ?

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    Good pictures malc, maybe you could post a few when you are up north with all that great scenerary(??).
    Good luck with your clients
    All the best

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    crackin pics that sika would have been some beast in the rut,and that roe looks to have some age as well, he was one lucky client


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