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Thread: BASC HYS - Proposals to change firearms legislation in Northern Ireland

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    BASC HYS - Proposals to change firearms legislation in Northern Ireland

    The Northern Ireland Firearms Controls Liaison Committee has met with the Justice Minister to discuss a change in legislation which would allow young people to use airguns and shotguns under supervision and allow firearms dealers to do one-off-one-on transactions for airguns, rifles and handguns already held on a firearms certificate.

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    This is actually a really good proposal and will make life a lot simpler for all concerned.

    For practical deer stalkiing purposes, it means if you have a deer cal on ticket, ie a 243, you can walk into an RFD and trade your rifle in for any other deer cal up to 30cal on the spot. The cops are notified of the change retrospectively by the RFD.

    Should work really well. The BASC in NI, and Tommy Mayne in particular, has done a sterling job of work on this.

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    Simples, why can't we have the same over here? It would half make life easier.

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