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Thread: Continental Calibre Conundrum

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    Continental Calibre Conundrum

    Dear all,

    Looking for a little help here on some calibre conundrums.

    Basically I'm moving to Switzerland with work, Geneva to be precise.

    I've looked at the permitting systemt and it is fairly simple for foreigners to own firearms.

    Now, I don't own a rifle here (ironically I finally got round to doing some stalking and taking the steps to apply for an FAC this summer after wanting to do it for years and now after joining a HO Approved club I get this job in Geneva! Funny how life works).

    I was planning on getting a .30-06 assuming I was staying in this country but the move to Geneva has prompted a rethink due to the ease of getting to France.

    I chose .30-06 because of the usual reasons of fairly common ammunition supplies in lots of bullet weights & types and is made by lots of manufacturers and can be used successfully to take a lot of the quarry I envisage hunting.

    However, if I am in Switzerland and wish to shoot in France (seems to be what a lot of shooters do from that part of the world), a .30-06 is no good as it falls foul of the 'No military calibres' rule in France.

    So, I was wondering, is there a round with rough equivalent to what a .30-06 can do as per the above? I was wondering about a 7x57 but how well does this do if you want to shoot something heavier at say piggies? Any advice or comments on the Continental / Metric calibres greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance folks.


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    Does 7x57 Mauser rimless for bolt guns not fall foul of the 'miltary calibre' prohibition as well?

    Might be an idea to wait until you get out there and see what the locals are using as that will no doubt influence what firearms and ammunition are available 'off the shelf'.

    EDIT: Same applies to the Swede doesn't it?

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    Er, forgive my ignorance but isn't the Swede a military calibre as well?



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    Actually you're right 7x57 was used by a few people wasn't it, I'd forgotten that.
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    7 x 64


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    The "rough" equivalent you're looking for would probably be 7x64 Brenneke.

    The 7x57 Mauser (or .275 Rigby) is also a great round and less hassle to find ammo for here in the UK. Arguably on the lighter side for wild boar it is nonetheless both adequate and popular for that purpose too, as is the 7mm -08 Remington.

    I believe all of these cartridges are usable in La Belle France Ok.

    ps. But I'd probably be wrong about the 7x57... and Orion's probably right
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    Go for a 7X64 , that should solve your problem and kill most things you will encounter.
    RWS make a good range of eminently suitable fodder designed for all species including pigs.


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    It appears it is me that has no brain, oops.

    Strange law though

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    I had the same problem and brought the 7x64. Non of the pigs I have shot have ever complained.

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