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Thread: Large Munsterlander puppy

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    Large Munsterlander puppy

    Just an update , took possession of my new puppy on Monday , !! when I looked at em all at 3 weeks old .! I wanted a bold bitch , and by my boots do I have one! She has gelled to me like a shadow , by nature they are kinda one person dogs which suits me fine , got another week of my hols to strengthen the bonding process. I am absolutely delighted , took me 2 years to replace my other companion Megan a E.S.P. Sadly gone But I have high hopes for this puppy, due to jabs cant take her to Stones day as an intro, so I will hold fast, bugger the hols in the Algarve ,me DOG COMES FIRST!(oh and the Mrs agrees).Happy as Larry
    Regards Trapper

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    Good luck with your little bundle of joy, post some pics if you can


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    THANKS WOULD DO THE PHOTOS BUT I CAINT FIGURE IT OUT. Apologies to grant oliver who sent me an idiots guide but i cleared my cache and cant find the instructions DUH !

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    Test posting a photo

    Does this work?


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    trying another one

    There you go - the new baby!

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    Hope you haven't got any expensive kio carp in there
    Cracking looking dog

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    wot a cutie
    the munsterlander don't look bad either

    look forward to saturday

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    Nice looking dog trapper and from what i have heard and seen a real pointer with a lot of class .So its up to you now i am jealous as feck .Should have my new partner soon as my dog is eight years old and it will take a few years to train a new pup up that will do as good a job.

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    I also have a Munsterlander, he's three now and although head strong is without doubt the best deer dog i have had. Its always an emotive subject but for me after having GSP, WHP, SRP, Lab, this breed has it all.
    Apart from people trying to convince me he is a ESS which really pisses me off he is a very handsome boy.

    My real question is what is her pedigree name (there are not that many in the UK)


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    Her pedigree name is Ichbin Eastern Wishes out of Ichbin Your Minstrel and Ellscott Spring Time and this (if I can load it) is the most recent photo of her.

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