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Thread: Hanoverian Scenthound

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    Hanoverian Scenthound

    Hanoverian Scenthound Puppies for sale (not Bavarian)
    Believed to be the first litter of pure breds in the UK
    Both parents imported from Germany
    Super temperament and working regularly
    Dogs and bitches 1,000
    Contact 07973 786909 (Essex)

    PS. I have put this on for a friend so please don't pm me, but ring his number.
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    Super temperament and working regularly .what type of work do the do if its blood tracking they must be doing it for stevie wonder
    The other chap said they need to be worked alone could not be trusted round kids etc and you then put this on some one has got to telling porkies

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    6 Pointer...please explain, what other chap?

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    Quote from Robbo on other thread "My Hanovarian is a year and a half and is fine with other dogs and other people, she even ignores the chickens! Although she is very strong minded, but that is what they are like. But when she is at work, she does what needed of her!" So now he is a lier!! Why not let people that are actually interested in the ads. decide/talk rather than jump on them? Anyway, I have only put this up for a friend and am leaving it alone now. Bye!

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    Just for the record I have two Hanoverians and two kids of 5 and 3 and I have never had a problem with the dogs. My children are with them everyday with out any problems. I trust them as much as you would trust any dog.

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    Duncs did you read the post or just the bits you wanted to here is a post by the thread starter.

    wallace you are correct, they dont like other dogs, children, small animals, strangers, or high pitched noises! the only thing what enters their heads is, which runner is next!

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    My Boys!

    My boys!!
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Kids.jpg  

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    I dont get what you are trying to do. If you are personally uninterested in the sale or have no interest in these dogs leave alone.

    People who want to buy a HMH will have done their research, or at least will know the basic's to make an informed decsion about the purchase of their own accord.


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    Thankyou Tommo.

    6pointer, I did read the post, and simply quoted a positive view to balance the negatives. You should really get a life, and stop thinking that you know best ( or anything at all.) It seems that you have read the forum, realised there are two differing views on something, and then jumped in with both feet. You have got involved with something that you have done no research into just for the sake of getting involved. I on the other hand was just trying to help a mate out. Please get a life.

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