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    Hi all. Keen country sportsman and dog enthusiast, and ferret and hawk and ...............and all things country. GWP is my dog who i use for pretty much everything (4 year old dog). Rifle is a .243 tikka . I now live in Norfolk but originate from Kent. Proffessional mole-catcher and dog trainer.
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    Welcome to the site carpy from a fellow sportsman, who also does a bit of mole catching and ferreting on amenity land as part of my job

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    Thanks for the welcome Rick, all quiet on the mole front eh!

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    Very quiet indeed especialy compaired to this time last year but with the ground rock hard its hardly surprising although it hasnt seemed to have affected the rabbit population though, i havent seen so many in years and shot fifty in under four hours two weeks ago.

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    Carpy, welcome to the site. deerwarden

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