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Thread: Pro's and cons of 25-06 please

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    Pro's and cons of 25-06 please

    I am looking for a stalking rifle and was thinking of 308 or 6.5x55 prefering the latter. But have seen a 25-06 for sale. I shoot around 80 roe a year but hopefully more if the cull goes well.

    It will mainly be for roe but would like to do some fallow and maybe others. How do they compare? Kick vicious? flat shooting? bullet weights? ballstics? accuracy? stopping power? That sort of thing.
    All comments welcomed

    Thank you

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    I have shot with a 25-06 for a few years now and love it. It is a very flat shooting rifle. I have shot with 70/80 gr bullets on foxes and roe , but have used 120 gr on the larger deer. With a decent moderator there is very little kick from the rifle. I use a Tikka Varmint S/S and find it to be very accurate.


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    I liked the .25-06. I had a Ruger MKII and struggled to get the accuracy I wanted with factory ammunition for shooting roe deer. Also at that time, moderators weren't so widespread and I didn't have one on the .25-06. However, if I still had the rifle, I am fairly sure that with reloaded ammo and a sound moderator, it would do a job for me shooting roe deer. For shooting red deer it was fine and my Dad used it for a season when the stock of his rifle was broken. It's a buyer's market for rifles, so if you fancy the rifle, drive a hard deal and go for it.

    Good luck. JCS

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    i was in the exact same position as you a couple of years back thinking of a 6.5x55 and than a mate offered me a tikka t3 lite .25-06 at mates rate ,i did not now what to do, but on the advice given by sikamalc and others i went for the .25 REALLY glad i took their advice now !. i reload and its very flat, negligible recoil (with a mod) and superbly accurate way beyond my capabilities! only down size if any is they like a bit of powder .I have just bought a .308 as a main stalking rifle, i like wood and i have the chance of occasional pigs, and that,s the only reason, but now way would i get rid of the .25-06. IF ITS A GOOD PRICE GO FOR IT ! you really wont regret it .

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    How do the 25 06 handle fallow/red in comparison to 243(which is what I have)

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    25-06 will shorten the life expectancy of reds with very little effort. But go for it's big brother either way you wont regret it.

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    Hi Richard

    Remember this the 25cal is 6.4mm in diameter, so almost the same bore diameter as the Swede, although there is a bigger choice of bullets for the Swede, then 25-06 with its bigger case can push the bullet faster, there are certainty flat shooting.

    I am sure you will find it more than enoght gun for fallow, I watch my mate drop 5 red hinds on the spot earlier this year with his 25-06 Sako, and he would of undoubtedly shot all 8 if he had a bigger mag’. Next time he can drag them all out on his own if you are reading this Dunc’s.

    The 25-06 will be demon on fallow I am sure.



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    Quote Originally Posted by Simjim33 View Post
    But go for it's big brother either way you wont regret it.
    270 then?



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    Quote Originally Posted by Thar View Post
    270 then?




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    Quote Originally Posted by Thar View Post
    270 then?

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