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Thread: Bino's

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    Hi All,

    Currently looking to get some bino's and wondered what poeple would suggest.

    My requirements are:

    something I could use on the hill or woodland
    Budget upto 1500
    Basically something that would last a life time.

    I thought either something from Leicas or Swarovski?


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    You have answered your own question ! Either of the two but don't go to big .

    8x42 or as close to that is perfect, Both types you mention will last a life time, I have no experiance of Leicas asfter sale's BUT Swarovski's must be one of the best if not the best in the world !
    I expect my two pairs to out last me and proberbly my son .

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    Personally i think there's no substitute for going to a shop and looking down as many as you can. I've got some Swarovski el 8.5 x 42s. I have used a friends Zeiss victories and whilst there isn't an awful lot of difference I honestly think you can't beat the Swarovskis. They'll do me a lifetime and, if you've got the kind of luck I have, you might find a bargain on fleabay (but be careful not to get a stolen pair).

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    I have the 10x42 Swaro EL's, cracking, nice to the feel, robust. I would however if I was going to buy them again go for the 8.5's, the x10 can give a shake especially if you get the "Buck Fever" rush, (I still get it for does) or if you have just had to crawl/assend any increased heart activity.......

    But in saying that, I wouldn't change them, but wouldn't go that mag again.

    Another make to look at is the Minox range, I used them when my Swaro wre getting fixed (Another story). Very Very good glass, do a search on here and I'm sure you'll only fine positive comments. 8.5x48? might be 8.5x42? Cracking and at about 400 new.

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    I have tried most bins in my time and would bye Lieca for me the easiest bins on the eye with the clearest of pictures mine are now 9 years old and clear as a bell.Believe me they get used and abused.

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    have a look at Zeiss also

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    Thanks for the advice will pop down the shop tomorrow and have look through a few, interested in looking at th swak 10x50 El

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    No No and thrice NO !

    Don't think the 10's will be better than the 8.5's because they arnt !!

    You will get less field of view, More noticable shake .

    Also 50's will be heavy 42's are bad enough on a long stalk.

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    +1 on the 10s being a bad idea. I stalked with 10s for ages and couldn't see a damn thing. I never picked up deer with them I always saw them with the naked eye and just used the bins to confirm what I had seen. They shake too much and the field of view is too small. I would also be very surprised if you see much difference between 42s and 50s. I have a 56 objective on my Swarovski z6 scope and I don't find any noticeable difference over my 42 bins. When you take e weight into account I can't believe it's worth it. Having said that you're doing the right thing. Go , look, see what you like and ignore all of us if you look down the 10 x 50s and like them better than the rest. Just don't go for them automatically because the numbers suggest they should be best.

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    As others have suggested 8 or 8.5x42 is a good allrounder. I use a pair of Leicas bought on for 500 euro. Best money spent.

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