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Thread: 410 Shotguns - would you use one on a driven day

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    410 Shotguns - would you use one on a driven day

    I know this is a stalking forum, but everybody seems helpful and friendly so am sure you will indulge me asking this question.

    Earlier this year I managed to acquire an old English double barrelled 410 by William Jeffery. It is a proper boxlock - a lovely little thing with a long stock, but in a tatty condition when I acquired it. The woodwork has been cleaned up and the bulk of the dents and scratches removed aong with the layers of grime and it is now away having the action tightened and bores cleaned up a bit.

    I have shot it at clays and it shoots very well and shatters them just like a bigger gun. It only shots 1/2 oz of shot but the pattern is dense and tight - you have to be accurate but it does the business when you centre the pattern. When I have used 410s int he past I have always been amazed at how deadly they are provided you keep the range to 30ish yds.

    I think it will become my favourite for pottering along hedgerows but would any of you use it for driven game - especially driven partridges that tend to come low and fast.

    I know small bores tend to give rise to mixed emotions.

    Many thanks

    Heym SR20

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    This really brings us back to the old chestnut calibre debate. My personal view in this, just as in the calibre debate, if it works for you then yes, use it. You know you cannot bang away at high birds with it, you know the limitations of the gun and yourself, so working within those use it.


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    I'd say try it and if it works for you then that's what matters.

    I use a 12 bore, and it doesn't half kick.

    Given the effective range of what 35-40 yds? I wonder whether a few extra yards is worth the punishment.

    I am now looking for a 20 bore or smaller to try out. I suppose it means I'm not a real man, but who cares?

    Never fired a 410, but I bet they're sweet things to use.

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    410 for pheasants

    I would most certainly give a try as long as its not a big formal day a small syndicate shoot may be . Depending on the lay out of the drives if not to hilly out of cover crops or woodland give it a go . But take your normal gun along in case you get disillusioned after the first drive and stuck with it for the rest of the day . On the two shoots i run you would not be under gunned on most drives if as you say it kills well out to thirty yards give it a go you may be surprised MUDDY

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    If you can shoot well with it the cal is not important.

    Snow storm just be a little warey of swaping a 12 for a 20 for less kick;

    A 20 is lighter and what a lot of people do to get good results from a 20 is put more lead through it.

    a 12 and a 20 firing 28 grams of lead will have the same amount of energy going backwards when the gun is fired but because the 20 is lighter the felt recoil will be more severe.

    It might be worth trying a lighter cartridge, I saw some lads at the clay ground the other day using 21 gram 12 bore carts. my own shotgun has a weight in the but to balance it perfectly probably no more than 1 lb and the differance of kick with the weight to standard is noticeable.

    Personaly when I started shooting I used to get batterd and bruised with the kick but now I am used to It I regularly fire 100 carts with no problems.


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    The only thing I would be warey of is the 410 only fires reltively light loads so you might '*****' more than you would if you were using a 12g with say 32gr of no 5 shot in them. Try it on a pattern plate at 30m to see.

    A. where it shoots.
    B. how tight the pattern is.
    AFter you do this go to a clay ground and try it on a decent driven stand to see if you get on with it.

    All the best

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    Thanks for all your replies. I have patterned it and the pattern whilst smaller in diameter than my open choked 12 is in fact denser so provided a bird is centred in the pattern it will be hit by the same number of No6 or No7 pellets as a larger guage.

    410 is lovely to shoot - it weighs 4 lbs 5 oz, no recoil and very quiet. You have to conciously keep it swinging though, since not a lot of weight. And have tried it on a driven stand and OK am not hitting quite as many as with a 12, but still hitting a good enough number.

    I will indeed try it out on a couple of smaller days with friends, but will keep to the 12 if invited for a bigger day.

    Re 12s and 20s kicking - with a 12, make sure it fits properly and I must admit tend to using 1oz load for preference - kills just as well as bigger loads. 20s - use the old 20 bore load of 3/4 oz and its sweet, any more and they kick like anything - the worst kicking gun I know is a heavy load in a 20 especialy if the stock is too short.

    They used to say 6lbs of gun for every 1 oz of shot.

    Many thanks

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    I don't want to offend, but generaly bruising is caused by poor gun mounting rather than bore size. Lorrayne (my wife) was taught to shoot as oposed to me, self taught. I get far more mis-mounts than her simply because she practises more than me.

    If my sweet wife can get through 100 cartridges three or four times a week, I'm sure any of us big tough guys can manage! (I have to work hard just to keep up with the ammo costs).

    I should add, she does use a 24gram load, not a 28gram (1oz) which might help.

    If you can, use a plastic wad for practice as this will again reduce felt recoil.

    For those of you who met us at the Quex museum, and were perhaps beaten by my wife, I'm proud to tell you Lorrayne is now Bucks lady champion in sport trap. I'm dead proud of her!

    Kind regards,

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    Keeper might not appreciate it if you let a lot of birds pass over because they are out of range on a let day but if it gives you pleasure to use it then why not.


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