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Thread: what would you do ?

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    what would you do ?


    Had a call out this morning to a fallow fawn lying in the middle of a busy road. When I arrived the police had it wrapped in bacofoil on the back seat.

    "is it cuffed" I asked
    Laughing "no what shall we do with it ?"
    " medium oven for an hour and a half or we could just put it back and hope mums not too far away "
    A bit of banter with a policeman with a sense of humour follows while we decide what's best.

    1 put it in cover close and hope the does finds it
    2 humane despatch
    3 take it home cuddle it and try to hand rear it

    What would you do ?

    Atb Steve

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    Place in cover close by for the doe to find. If possible, go back in a few hours or the next day to see if it's still there is my immediate thought.
    You can't say muntjac without saying, Mmmmmm.

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    Any of the three depending on circumstances.
    1, Is it likely to walk back onto the road and cause a collision?
    2, Kind of depends on the answer to question one.
    3, Do you have the time facility and inclination?

    I wouldn't judge you which ever way you went, it was you there not me.
    Would be interested to know the outcome, just to understand the logic you used in making that decision.

    Best regards,

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    that is a difficult one make your own mind up as per other posts and know you have done your best.
    finally take no notice of keyboard critics.
    Good luck

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    First of all I would go look to see if mum was still alive in the near by under growth
    or if I could hear possible deer moving about
    then I might think about moving it into some nearby cover and monitor the situ

    If no signs or movement heard and as it had been man handled plus the fact it was by a busy road
    as there must of been a problem for the fawn to be left in the middle of a road and not in any undergrowth, I would probably of taken it home to try and hand rear
    but that is just me
    what did you do out of interest??

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    hi steve

    Let me guess. Near the ashdown forest was it

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    The animal lover in me and my heart says hand rear it my head and the naturalist in me says humane dispatch. Its been handled, she will probably rejectit now, its under going massive stress. If you hand rear it then release it, it will not have its natural fear of people and or dogs and you can guess where this is going. So only one option in my opinion. Harsh but its nature.

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    what did you do if you dont mind me asking


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    I put it in cover by the well used deer track and will go back tonight to see how things go. Hopefully the doe has found it. If not I will try to hand rear it .

    Atb Steve

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