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Thread: A few videos from this morning

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    Talking A few videos from this morning

    Here's a few videos from this morning - no shot taken but it feels great to be able to get out again!

    Watch fullscreen & choose HD (1080), the quality gets better as the sun comes up....

    Doe-fest.... not a buck in sight!

    Doe and Fawn

    I had been watching a doe about 200 yards away behind the highseat when suddenly I could hear a fawn calling *peep* *peep* *peep* about 100 yards in front of the highseat. I finally spotted the fawn when the doe came thundering over to see what the fuss was about. She had been feeding a good 200-300 yards away for ages which surprised me, I wouldn't have thought she'd leave it unattended that far....

    Buck and a Doe

    Everything had gone back in and was just heading home when I spotted a nice buck with a doe, out in the middle of a field bold as brass! He wasn't to be taken but I turned around and got in closer to get some footage...

    4:20 onwards, stalked close enough, broadside on, nice backstop.... ah well!
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    Nice footage!

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    Well done brill footage csl.keep them coming.
    Atb John.

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    Excellent footage and great to see the doe and kid- you must be well chuffed!

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    Yes, it made my day!

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    The buck looked in great nick with a very strong looking body.

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    Nice one Alex mate. Cracking footage.
    That doe was raking some food in was`nt she mate.

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    Excellent vids Alex, it got a lot better when you turned your vibrator off

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Nice one Alex,

    Glad to see you are now getting out and about, hope everything is well mended.



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    Quote Originally Posted by Robin View Post
    Nice one Alex,

    Glad to see you are now getting out and about, hope everything is well mended.


    Thanks Robin, getting there slowly!

    How are you getting on with the new car? Hope you're finding things to keep you busy until the fallow does come back in... what with being retired and all!

    all the best,


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