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Thread: Rubber-handed syndicate members.

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    Rubber-handed syndicate members.

    I am getting distraught with many of our syndicate members. We had trees down on two pens a week ago and i suggested the work party will be pen damage and repair... two turned up with a bowsaw and one with a pair of pliers... the work is just not coming along and to be honest i blame them totally for a poor season last year but they blame the snow. Poor shooting and lack of vermin control kept the later bags low... I produced a Fenn trap and no one knew how to set it. Any ideas how to sort 'em out?

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    give em some creosoting to do had ours do my pen sections one year ,they hated it !they soon buckled down to the other jobs i threaten them with a creosote bucket ,the boss makes them do a day each, one guy travels from cornwall to northampton every2 wks during the shoot season he dont come for the work party but brings fresh pasties each shoot day

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    Creosoting, mmm they would turn up with a nail polish brush!!

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    Simple cure for this no show's mean no shooting ! They'll soon turn up or charge them double what members pay that do turn up !

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    hi alex show the how to set fenn traps and take them one at a time when you go on your vermin control or have vermin control days no excuses for not turning up and persistent offenders get the worst pegs on shooting days
    atb tom

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    Quote Originally Posted by RED-DOT View Post
    two turned up with a bowsaw Alex.
    Fairs fair, Alex, at least they were heading in the right direction and not everyone has a chainsaw lying about!

    It might be obvious to thee and me, but if your guys are not from a construction or agricultural background you need to tell them that the pen repairs are going to need hammers, staples, nails, fence wire, pliers, snips, tie wire, cable ties, mesh - and that's assuming that the posts and doors are OK. You need to task individuals to bring specific items or organise them yourself.

    It is just as frustrating as a syndicate member to give up time at the weekend then achieve very little because of lack of planning, preparation, and communication.

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    the syndicate i am in has chainsaw, bowsaws, hammers staples etc in our cabin, we found it was a simpler exercise to buy the tools out of available funds keep them on site. Then all the members have to do is turn up at work parties.
    However nobody has yet found a way to get some of them to actually use a spade, rake or whatever they have in hand for anything other than leaning on.
    CW was right when he said depends on your work background!!

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    Been there, suffered it and now resolved. Our shoot fees are $700/season plus $150 deposit refundable after 3 days work party, payed back pro-rata on attendance leftover in to the kitty.


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    RD, After several years of running a DIY shoot it all comes down to one thing - organisation by whoever is running the shoot. That person must determine what needs done and how it is going to be done, they must then instruct the members (more leading by the hand) on what they should bring. Not everybody has a chainsaw but most have hammers, loppers, saws, spades and can be told to bring wood, staples,nails, cable ties etc Chasing up your members prior to a work day is unfortunately also your task - that's if you want a successful work party.
    Organising a clay trap for after the work is done is sometimes a good incentive.

    Running a syndicate shoot is a huge task - having a couple of trusted members who can be relied upon to share your burden is a great help.

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    Tommy Walsh was around somewhere's, along with the Ikea people,, seriously though, work parties in some parts of the world are PROPERLY attended, there were upwards of 40 bodies in total, in several locations, we just lent a hand for an hour before travelling home, our real accommodation had suffered from the recent dry weather, & water for flushing & the like was all dried up, less than pleasant temperatures in the sleeping areas were withstood stoically. Excerpt from a previous post.
    (The Unspeakable In Pursuit Of The Uneatable.) " If I can help, I will help!." Former S.A.C.S. member!

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