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Thread: Ne lincs varminter

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    Ne lincs varminter

    I'm Mark I have been target shooting all my adult life,I branched into foxing 3 odd years ago and I want to get on the stalking ladder.I do a couple of golf courses in the area and have a few other bits of land cleared for shotgun and .22 rimfire.I am interested in stalking as food is so expensive nowadays and I have this urge to cook a sunday dinner solely of food I have grown myself.My Fac currently has slots for a .243 and 6mm for fox and deer,a 22centerfire for fox and I have a ruger 77/22.I have a .243 Savage model 10 on order as I intend to have 1 rifle with different caliber barrels,I only have 1 decent scope at the minute.I frequent many shooting forums both UK and US based so I have many ideas floating around in my head but there is of course no comparison to 'trigger time' so please bear with me if I forward some outlandish ideas every now and again,its all enthusiasm.

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    Hello Mark and welcome to the site,

    You ask as many questions as you like, we are a friendly bunch, and one or two even know what they are talking about


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    Hi Marky123
    I hope enjoy the topics and debates on here, some really good stuff,
    Take time to trawl through some of the older stuff, you will be surprised what there is on here stored away.

    looking forward to what you think are outlandish opinions!.


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