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Thread: weekend in sussex

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    weekend in sussex

    It all started by meeting up in sussex friday afternoon, we were soon off to put a new highseat up wadas had made once we had done that it was back to the digs and time for malcs good old version of cottage pie sika mince styl Mmmm. then we were changed and ready for the evening stalk, on this trip a mate of mine had booked the weekend with malc deadyeyedick or has he is now known on the site as blackeyedick (thats another story but he had the shiner before we set off for sussex) malc asked me to take blackeyedick (bed) out for the evening stalk so we all got in malcs pimp mobile and we were off me wadas malc sandra and bed, not forgetting todd and kizzy. on our way past a big field of beans we pulled over and wadas spotted a roe down the bottom of the field down the hedge side we could see in was a 4 pointer, anyway malc and bed got out and got sorted and they were off on beds first ever stalk, 10mins or so later and off went the rifle bed had just shot his first ever deer on his first ever stalk so we all congratulated him and we were off to where we were going as planned. as soon has me and bed were on the ground i could make out a deer right down the fields below us in some setaside but it was in to much cover at that range to see if it was a buck or a doe, we stalked 2 large fields and got on to it and it was a doe, then to the right of it was a really good buck lay down, bed got all excited until i told him he wasnt on the menu, i said malc would cross me out of his inheritance . we carried on seeing several more does then ran out of light. next morning i took bed with me again wadas and malc went together and sandra took kizzy for a walk at 4am . same again as soon as we set off i spied the buck from the night before we saw several more does by the time we got to the end of the ground we were on, then on the way back a 4 pointer ran out of the wood with a beauty of a 6 pointer chasing him, anyway bed told me to take the shot as he didnt feel to confident, they ran around i gave a whistle they took no notice at all and went back into the wood. we did see them again the other end of the wood in a wheat field but the 4 pointer cleared off so no luck. wadas had shot a buck whilst with malc so we were off to the larder. on the way back from the larder malc was telling us there was a buck he kept seeing in the trees on our left and then i spotted him lying in the grass with a doe stood to his left, so it was my turn me and malc stalked down to where he was and i shot him off my sticks at around 60yds. so another good weekend was had by all, thanks again to malc and sandra it was great to share another weekend with you. and well done to bed on your first ever deer.
    Happy days

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    Sounds like another good'un, well done to all .

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    I think Andy has said enough so i will just say thanks again Malc, Sandra, Andy and blackeyedick, oh, and not forgetting Todd and Kizzy for another great weekend.
    Here`s a couple of photo`s, one of Blackeyedick (check his left eye) and his very first deer.

    And here`s one i shot.

    Andy will have to add his photo`s when he fathems out how to do it.


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    well done lads, im down there on friday so fingers crossed

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    Cheers 223, if the weather is kind to you im sure you will have a great weekend. catch up with you soon.

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    Well done you lot, first stalk and your first deer that senior guide is good I remember the phone call when deadeyedick became blackeyedick i expect that is a weekend you won't forget in a hurry, well done.

    Malc, don't all these kids get on your nerves a bit after an excitable weekend like this

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Aye, trying to get them to sleep at night is a pain, and then they are awake before its time to get up making a bloody racket as well, its like having 5 yr olds at Christmas "Ill tell ya"



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    Nice cull buck Wadas

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    really need to think about a stalk with malc, just around the corner and only heard good things.

    well done lads.


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    Quote Originally Posted by rascal_2005 View Post
    really need to think about a stalk with malc, just around the corner and only heard good things.

    well done lads.

    Book a stalk rascal you will not be disappointed, Malc is a great bloke with great ground.



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