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    Hello, my name is Richard and I just joined the directory today. I've been stalking for about 18 years here and there. I started up in the Highlands on Reds but now shoot mostly in the Scottish Boarders for Roe, but only at low levels as the job/family will permit. I have DSC 1&2. I've been thinking about investigating Wild Boar recently....

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    Welcome aboard Richard, By all accounts the driven Boar is a really good day out, I may give it a try in the future myself.

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    Richard - welcome aboard. You may or may not be aware that Lothian & Borders Rifle Club were shooting this morning near Carfraemill. L&BRC shoot on a regular basis through to the end of July. For details PM me.

    Secondly the SE Scotland BDS branch meets on a regular basis in Dalkeith and non-members are very welcome. See the following link for details:

    Regards JCS

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