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Thread: Steyr mannlicher luxus

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    Steyr mannlicher luxus

    Does anyone have experience of the steyr mannlicher luxus take down rifles. I really like take downs as I have to travel long distances in order to stalk / hunt and they also seem to be fairly light in weight ( I have a bad back ). I have owned the Blaser R93 system in the past but they are so expensive ( even more so for the R8 ). I currently own a Sauer 202 ( standard model not TD ) which can be taken down to a degree but its not the best system, in that the scope and mounts are not attached to the barrel.

    Regards to all, ml.

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    Trawl through the Classifieds and you will find a Steyr Luxus with two barrels, a 30-06 and a .243, spare six shot magazine and forend for sale at a giveaway price.
    I bought it just over a year ago and used it very little and now have very little time to use it at all.
    When I did use it I found it very accurate and kept it's accuracy even after taking it down and re-assembling it.
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    Thanks, not really the calibres I'm interested in, I'll have a look anyway. Cheers ml

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