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Thread: big game trophies

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    big game trophies

    we may have a chance in 2012 to go south africa as a relation of ours is going to work their and i mite save up and go do a bit of plains game hunting and i was just wondering of best firms to go with we will be neart johannesberg and also how do you get any trophies back into uk and how easy is it to do it

    cheers webby

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    You should contact Roo Ellis on The Hunting Agency he will give you all the info you require. It is relativly easy to transport trophies home but use a good taxidermist

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    It might take you a year to get your trophies home. Not only a good taxidermist but good company transporting and doing the paperwork for customs at this end, otherwise you, like me might get a tad angry.
    Remember you have to have a huge roof and wall if you manage to get your Kudu through the door !!!

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    copy that Roe, one year on from our hunt in the Eastern Cape and still waiting but then i suppose it,s on "Africa time" so not long now

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    drop a line to Charly at Shavesgreen they have lots of contacts in South Africa and other countries. Their latest client took a 47'' Sable in Zambia.

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    cheers guys i had heard it could take up too a year their is a good taxidermist very near me so was going to see about getting trophy back here and made up by him here ill have luck on net see what it says about that


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    1. Taxidermy in Africa is "cheap" but not necessarily good. Most regulars that I know that take trophies home Dip & Ship and use a home taxidermist.

    2. For Dip & Ship expect to pay as much again as the original trophy fee to get the skin and skull back home.

    3. There is a need for six months in Dip before it can move. Local taxidermy then starts. Too many skins have I seen that were not the original on a mounted trophy that arrives home.

    4. I had a mount done (pedestal with three Springbok) in the UK as representative of what I shoot. No longer willing to put up with the expense of bringing trophy back.


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    Having been to Africa 7 times and having got all my trophies back I can tell you much depends on the taxidermist in Africa.

    1. You will be charged for dipping and packing, much depends on the taxidermist you are using. Many do not like to see the work leaving the country!!

    2. Use a taxidermist in Africa who is well known to the PH or your friend, try and visit the studios and make sure you put your own tags on the trophies.

    3. Make sure when he sends the trophies that the final bill on the box does not include the whole trip. British customs will charge you import duty and possibly Vat on the value of the trophies. I have known some clients to end up paying massive bills because the idiot in Africa put the entire cost of the hunt or trophy fees on the paperwork.

    4. Make sure they do not treat the skins with Formaldehyde. They were knocking this stuff out a few years back in Zim and the trophies will be ruined. You will never relax any capes or skins if they have done this.

    5. Make sure you have a competant company over here to handle the trophies when they arrive. It can save you a hell of a lot of heartache and money if you have someone to recieve them and clear them for you.

    6. South African taxidermy work can be good or bloody awfull, although it is cheaper to have mounted out there I would advise you find a good taxidermist in the UK to undertake your work. You can get a mount done one at a time, and if you dont like it take it back. Once you have commissioned a taxidermist in Africa you will need to pay the whole bill before recieving them. Problem is if its bad you are stuck with it, also the frieght costs will be much higher for mounts in a box and they will recieve VAT by UK customs.

    Good luck, but if you need any further help drop me a PM.


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    As a recommendation had stuff done by Karoo Taxidermy,Karoo Taxidermy in the Eastern Cape, South Africa very happy with the results, one of which was a warthog which if not done well can be horrendous, all the correct horns and even skins as some were were scarred and recognisable, did take a year to come but this is expected.


    Just had a look at their website again, pictures don't really do the work justice, also i used them 5 years ago and they are still in business.
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    Andre Van Rooyen Taxidermy in Johannesburg is the only place my trophies will go in Africa, his work is as good as Colin Dunton over here. As far as exporting trophies/skins there is a company called Safari Cargo Systems who will handle all paperwork and red tape. On this side of the pond Rainbow Freight Services deal with the importation of trophies on a daily basis and will ensure you have a smooth ride.

    If you need an outfitter in Johannesburg then depending on what you want i can recommend 2 guys 1st for the higher end Safari and accomodation Paul Stones Safaris, he is not the cheapest but is a true professional.

    If you still want a great hunt but don't mind a few rough edges then Abrie at Pronk Safaris is great, he is based in Joburg and you honestly couldnt meet a nicer guy, he knows so many game farms its not funny, and he can organise something to suit any budget.

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