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    new member introduction

    hi there, i live in lancashire ,i have been stalking about ten years ,hold a dsc 1 and 2 shoot with a 25 06 and a 30 06 ,home load all my amo ,have plenty of roe stalking locally,also in a good syndicate at dunoon on the west coast of scotland ,i rough shoot ,fish ,and basicly do everything country sports related ,even attempt taxidermy,[you can have a good laugh later],hatch pheasants under bantams for my shoot ,hope this has explained the kind of person i am and look forward to joining in your forum.

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    A warm welcome arron, i am a newbie too. I tried a bit of Taxidermy in my teens (fox masks) yep laughs all round from my not so supportive friends.
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    Welcome Arron, you will get plenty back from this forum great guys. were abouts are you?? Ray

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    thanks for the welcome carpy,look forward to having a bit of crack over the coming months

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    hi there ray, i am just over the hill in clitheroe

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