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Thread: Roebuck stalking (medal heads)

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    Roebuck stalking (medal heads)

    Thanks for all the PMs.....Think I have found what I was looking for:-)

    I am currently looking for a place to stalk roebucks the next years for a good price.

    I have plenty of roebuck hunting areas here in Denmark with heads around100 CiC and sometimes a bronze medal. I will not spend time and money for going to a place just like the outside of my own door - if you understand? I am a hunter and I know that sometimes you get the luck and find the big bucks. The important issue for me is to know that medal heads are produced in the area and can been found……no wild goose hunt!

    I am planning 3-7 days stalking and if I get the super luck - I can bag1-2 medal heads pr. year. This could be combined with e.g. pigeon shooting or crow shooting which I am very interested in. Time is whenever the roebucks are seen. I will prefer late season so the antlers are well colored.

    I have been hunting for the last 25 years and will say I am well known to hunting and can hunt on my own. If you have areas where deer control are requested I could be interested in this as well if the price is ok. Good medalbucks can be found here as well!

    Looking forward to hear suggestions etc.

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    Best of luck mate for me medals are the norm between 1 - 3 a year and i feel lucky that happens but they are part of the cull plan and will be taken by my self friends or guests at no extra cost.

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    Hi Skovfogeden,

    You might like to try D V Sporting in Berwick upon Tweed. He has some good medal class heads, i have had a silver from there myself and seen quite a few other very nice bucks. Have a look at his web site, he alread has guys from Denmark shooting on a regular basis.

    Good luck

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    +1 for DV Sporting regularly shoots medal heads and has a huge area he stalks over the gold twelve pointer in my gallery was shot with David.


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    Never tried this guy, but stumbled upon the website a number of months ago. Looks like they get a good number of medal heads here according to the gallery? Fife seems to be a very productive area for medal-class heads.

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