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Thread: Dog Day Warwickshire

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    Dog Day Warwickshire

    A big thank you to Stone for yesterday's well attended dog day. Stone set up and organised this highly successful event. He even managed good weather. An introductory lecture by him and demonstration aided by Sika labrador or was it the other way around. He was ably supported by lectures and their practical application from jagare,markh and muddy all in their areas of expertise. Wayne showed us how to get his dog to lie at the foot of the highseat A good meal at the local pub and we even managed take aways for the dogs. Mrs Muddy kept us plied with hot drinks and biscuits. Everybody came away having learnt a great deal. In summary a well spent day and once again thank you Stone for your time and trouble.

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    Indeed, very good day

    Thanks very much.


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    Dog day

    Yep cheers Stone,
    Cracking day. Thanks very much.

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    thanks for the great day stone, i really enjoyed it
    I learned a lot about tracking and how to do it.

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    B******s sounds like I missed a good day. , due to other commitments
    Well done stone
    Catch up soon mate.

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    thank you norman and everyone else for your kind words , pm's and phonecalls, i am recieving , concerning the day
    i would also like to thank the SD site for allowing me to arrange the day, through the site,
    Special thanks go to Muddy for a great display of skins and talk on shot placement, by using a full body mount of a roe buck muddy was able to point out all critical areas of both good and bad shot placement, also thanks to sylvia for keeping a constant supply of tea, coffe and biscuits for us all

    special thanks to jagare and halaina, for a wonderfull contribution , of which we spent most of the evening discussing in great depth while they got me drunk

    special thanks to Mark H, i was suitably impressed, a good display on how to track a blood trail,

    and thank you all that made the time and effort to join on the day with all the different species of dogs that were brought along, i for one definately learn't some thing new from the day
    many thanks to you all for such a great day

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    Excellent day and well worth the trip, amicable company, well presented event. In all I've had a great weekend topped off this morning with a 14 point big daddy red. Thanks Stone for your efforts, to all who attended best wishes I think we all learned something.
    Regards Trapper

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    THANKS Stone for a very well organized day ,and to everybody that contributed to the day , enjoyed meeting and talking to a lot of very knowledgeable stalkers thanks again for a great day Paul

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    Thank you for a fantastic day yesterday

    It was great to meet everyone and I learnt a lot.

    All the speakers did really well and thank you to Sylvia for the supply of tea coffee and biscuits and I look forward to seeing everyone again at the March and Shoot

    Mrs Gyr

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    while cleaning up in the lodge today , i found a pair of black sunday best's
    so if any of you went to church today wearing trainers as they were missing, then you now know where they are

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